Explore strange new worlds as a little dog looking for his master. Enjoy a unique artstyle in this adventure without words.

Meet Mimpi

You play Mimpi, a little white dog looking for his master. But instead of sniffing around the neighbourhood, you find yourself wandering strange psychedelic worlds chock-full of obstacles to overcome. Tackle them as the original Mimpi or put on one of his 8 thematic skins.
mimpi skins

Environmental puzzling

The worlds of Mimpi are filled with objects you can interact with to solve different puzzles. Jump on clouds like platforms, break branches or use whatever you can find to plug those treacherous shafts. Explore dozens of unique puzzles and minigames on your way through 9 different illustrated levels, where every screen is different.

Story told without words

Peaceful gameplay and a story told without words makes Mimpi a game that kids and adults can enjoy alike. Meet the colourful characters in their worlds and discover 24 short comics with their extra pieces of story.
And finally, it’s all up to you to find out why Mimpi’s master disappeared!


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