Solve perilous runic puzzles in the mystic world of Norse mythology brought to life through detailed hand-drawn art. Currently in development.

Runic puzzles

Lay runestones together to fit within the realm of a given shape. Basic in principle, perhaps, but never underestimate the testiness of these teasers! Solve a plethora of puzzles to acquire knowledge, rune pieces and the lore of the nine realms along your journey to Valhalla.
Play dozens of shape-filler puzzles with different combinations of pieces as well as various game modes. There is just one rule: Leave no space empty.

Nordic realms

Nine realms await your exploration, spread over the mighty world tree, Yggdrassil. Each is unique and home to a host of mythological creatures, including fierce giants, wonder-touched elves, skilled dwarves and mighty gods.
With the scrolls of lore you collect on the way, you may tap into the long forgotten stories of the Norse myths.

Hall of Heroes

Bring all the rune pieces together to unlock the gate of Asgard and enter the hall of heroes in Valhalla. The more knowledge you gather along your journey, the more honored you will be at that journey’s end.
Fulfill your destiny! Opening the Asgard gate and stand side by side with the Asgard gods - mead, honor, heroism and deed!

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